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#AmareCoutureBride: Andrea Longwell

Amare Couture Bride - B080

By chance, Clay and Andrea met at a birthday party that was held for a mutual friend of theirs. They met at the party and have been inseparable ever since. They became engaged in March 2014 and said 'I do' that Decemeber. They're a couple that is always laughing together and they both care for each other deeply.

Andrea is actually one of our own. She works as a Casablanca Bridal sales representative so she knows the gowns like the back of her hand. When she became engaged, she knew exactly which dress she would make her own, B080 from our Couture line. Amare Couture Bride - B080 Amare Couture Bride - B080

Most Memorable part of the wedding day: "Since we got married in the middle of the week (NYE) we hosted our rehearsal the morning of our wedding and had a breakfast after. It was so nice to spend the entire day with friends and family. Your wedding day goes by so quickly to begin with it was nice to share it with the ones we love!"

Amare Couture Bride - B080

Advice to other Brides: "Don't sweat the small stuff. Things will go wrong and that is ok, no one will ever notice but you. Just remember to have fun, enjoy and relax... it really does go by quickly."

We wish Clay and Andrea the very best as they come close to celebrating their one year wedding anniversary the end of this month.

Amare Couture Bride - B080

The Details The Dress: Amare Couture, B080 Photographer: Jared at J Designs in Springfield. Wedding Theme: A mix of modern and traditional, Winter season