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Amare Couture Bride Jessica Florez

Casablanca Bride: Jessic Florez

Tell us about how you chose your dress.

"I wanted something different since this was my one chance to make a statement with the night being solely about me! (and my husband of course). I knew I didnΓÇÖt want to wear white; I didnΓÇÖt want to be modern and wear a mermaid; I wanted to be elegant and classy while still showing some skin. I attended the bridal market, and all the dresses hanging were starting to blur together and look the same ΓÇô until I stumbled across B075 and it was beyond anything I could ever imagine!"

Casablanca Bride: Jessica Florez Casablanca Bride: Jessica Florez

The Love Story

"We are high school sweethearts! We have been together for 10 years ΓÇô went to senior prom together, moved away to college together and lived as roommates in a co-ed campus apartment complex, we took all the same courses together, and even the courses that we didnΓÇÖt schedule together - we would attend with each other to be together, we had our first internship together ΓÇô we are truly best buds and I couldnΓÇÖt ask for a better life partner! "

Casablanca Bride - Jessic Florez Casablanca Bride - Jessica Florez

Most Memorable Moment of the Wedding Day.

"Walking down the aisle! That was the most memorable moment of my life ΓÇô having the doors swing open as I glide down the aisle to The Piano Guys ΓÇô A Thousand Years, and having 100 of our closest family members and friends stand for you. The best part ΓÇô watching my husbandΓÇÖs face for the first time with tears in his eyes "

Casablanca Bride - Jessica Florez Casablanca Bride - Jessica Florez

Advice to other brides.

Enjoy every moment of it! It flies by so fast. Get as many pictures and videos as you can of the night ΓÇô you will not remember much!

Casablanca Bride - Jessica Florez

The Details:

The Dress: Amare Couture, B075 in sorbet/rose gold Photographer: Tatiana Valerie Wedding Style: Classic, Traditional Wedding Season: Spring Location: City, overlooking the skyline