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Engaged? Now what?

Amare Couture - Engagement Advice

Christmas has come and gone. You shared gifts with loved ones, stole a kiss under the mistletoe, indulged in the spiked eggnog, and now you're basking in the after holiday glow because you were surprised with a proposal. You're engaged! Congratulations! Now what do you do? There's so many things to think about, so many people to tell. Where do you begin?

  • After you say yes, you dry up your tears and call your mom, it's time to call the rest of the family. Now, notice we say call. Don't text, don't post as tatus update right away. Call the people close to you so they can hear the big news from you, not a computer screen.
  • Your man was responsible with picking out hte ring, he tried to guess your size but maybe it doens't fit quite right. Soon after you say yes, you should get your ring sized so it sits properly on the hand.
  • Set a date, even if it's vague. We know, you are still overwhelmed with the surprise of it all, but you know the first thing people are going to ask after they hear the news is when is the big day. Have some sort of answer prepared even if it's as simple as saying ''we're thinking of a summer wedding.' It allows people to feel like they are in the loop and are a part of your life.
  • Gather inspiration. Flock to Pinterest, run to the store and grab bridal magazines. Invite your girlfriends over and brainstorm. This is the fun part. It's time to get creative and daydream about your wedding.
  • Grab a wedding planner. We don't mean a person, a simple wedding planning book will suffice. It will help you get your thoughts togethera and organzied and will keep you on schedule for when things should be done as your wedding date draws closer.
  • Set aside time for you and your fiance. After the news creeps out to your friends and family, everyone will pull you in a multitude of directions. Make sure to schedule out time for just the two of you to spend together so you can reconnect. The wedding planning process can be stressful, so it's important to remember the real reason why you're going through this. It's to marry the one you love, and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters.
  • Book an appointment, book lots of appointments! Shortly after you get engaged you'll want to begin looking for a wedding dress. Depending on the dress you choose and how many customizations you'd like to do it, it can take weeks for it to arrive on time so it's important to order your dress several months out from your wedding day.
  • Start thinking about the size of your wedding party, as well as the size of your wedding. Do you want small and intimate or big and glamorous? Once you figure out your total budget, you'll be able to know how many people you can realistically afford to attend your wedding, and be apart of your bridal party.

There's a lot of things to be done. Your to-do list will seem never-ending, but enjoy this time. It is a time to cherish. Have fun, and congratulations again!