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Industrial Elegance in Pastel

Amare Couture Bride Blush Mermaid Satin

Only in fairytales do you expect high school sweethearts to fall in love and stay in love. However, not for our Amare Bride Mackenzie and her newly beloved as they exchanged vows at St. MaryΓÇÖs Catholic Church.

Amare Couture Real Bride in Blush Pink Wedding Dress

After ten cherishing years together, Mackenzie and Kevin were able to graduate out of dating and being engaged, to officially tying the knot!

The loving couple were able to visit their old alma mater and reflect back on the moment they knew they had found their soulmate forever. ΓÇ£Kevin balances me out perfectly. He is so supportive and truly is my best friend.ΓÇ¥

Amare Couture High School Sweetheart Blush Mermaid Dress

Amare Couture High School Sweetheart Blush Mermaid Dress

Dating as a teenager in high school can be quite an emotional roller coaster. Similarly, so can shopping for a wedding dress. However, defying all odds (again), Mackenzie quickly fell in love with the romantic blush wedding dress Style B074 from our Theodora Collection.

Amare Couture Modern Blush Wedding Dress

ΓÇ£I had my eye on this dress for over a year, I was just waiting for my husband to pop the question. I didnΓÇÖt look at any other dresses. I bought this dress off the rack and planned my wedding around it.ΓÇ¥

Amare Couture Blush Colored Wedding Dress Hanging

Fitted with an elongated bodice of ruched satin, the blush mermaid wedding dress is accented by a flared skirt of Luxe Italian Duchess Silk ribbons that create elegant rosettes.

Amare Couture Blush Satin Wedding Dress

ΓÇ£I didnΓÇÖt have a single alteration. It fit me perfectly and I am still completely obsessed with it.ΓÇ¥

Amare Couture Modern Blush Mermaid Wedding Dress

The wedding details included stunning royal blue knee-length bridesmaid dresses, complimented by light lavender bouquets. The breathtaking architecture of St. MaryΓÇÖs Catholic Church boast extraordinary stained-glass windowsΓÇöthe perfect backdrop for a couple match made in heaven.

Amare Couture Bride Blush Mermaid Wedding Dress

Amare Couture Mermaid Blush Bride

When asked what her favorite moment from her wedding was, Mackenzie immediately shared, ΓÇ£Seeing KevinΓÇÖs face as I walked down the aisle.ΓÇ¥

Blush Pink Wedding Dress

Amare Couture Blush Satin Wedding Dress Details

For future brides planning their big wedding day, Mackenzie offers some simple, yet often overlooked, advice: ΓÇ£Enjoy every moment of planning! Although it can be stressful, seeing the day all come together is totally worth it. Also, as youΓÇÖre being announced at your reception, take a moment and look around the room at all the people that are there for you!ΓÇ¥

Amare Couture Bride Blush Mermaid Dress and Bridal Party

Amare Couture Bride Blush Wedding Dress Back


Photography: Kendra Faulker via ZMedia // Wedding Planner: Laurie Rohrbacher // Hair: Teresa Scally via Capelli & Company // Decorator: Laurie Rohrbacher

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