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Wedding Planning Tips from the Founder of Jacin Fitzgerald Events

Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself? What inspired you to become an event planner?

"I've always been a planner at heart. You know, the friend who is constantly throwing dinner parties + arranging weekend getaways. I just love bringing people together. I grew up working at my family's hardware store in a small quintessential New England shoreline town in Connecticut and was raised to appreciate a strong work ethic. I went to college at University of Rhode Island and studied communications, while interning with a wedding / special event planning venue in Newport, Rhode Island where I went on to work following graduation. After my experience working on the venue side, I was offered an opportunity to plan + travel for regattas for Sailing World Magazine, also based in Rhode Island. Here I was responsible for the behind-the-scenes logistics of a nationwide regatta series and I loved being able to go onsite and pull everything together for the events, held in different cities around the United States. After working for Sailing World, I actually took a leap (literally across the world) and moved to Australia where I got a job arranging events and marketing behind the scenes for a private school in Sydney. While in Australia I also made sure to travel and see as much as I could, including New Zealand and Fiji, before heading back home to the states when my work visa finally expired. Once back in the states I went back to working for the family business again for a bit, before figuring out my next move. I interviewed for a marketing agency (of sorts) which represented pharmaceutical companies, managing logistics and marketing strategy for nationwide events relating to specific pharma drugs, and ended up working in this field for the next 7 years. Through this experience, I lived in Hoboken, NJ and was later transferred to San Francisco to open a west coast division for my company. Along all of this experience, while it was amazing, I always felt a creative tug at my heartstrings, one that I ignored until I decided to open my own wedding planning company, just as a "side project", a creative outlet if you will, while I was still working my corporate job. 2 years after launching my company, I bid my corporate job goodbye and took another leap of faith to take Jacin Fitzgerald Events (then called lovely little details) full time. 6 years later, here I am."

Jacin Fitzgerlad Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture

  1. What is your favorite part about being an event planner? "Bringing people together for celebrations! That and sharing in the excitement with my clients who are gearing up for their big day, feeling those butterflies of excitement for them as their wedding approaches and seeing their event come together from start to finish."

  2. You had a business called Lovely Little Details, and then switched to Jacin Fitzgerald Events. What made you decide to make this change? "The wedding industry is a very saturated place these days. When I started out there weren't nearly as many and it seems a new company pops up every day. I'm all about people reaching for the moon and stars and chasing their dreams, but with so many companies now, I found a need to differentiate myself amidst the many other companies. There is one positive thing about having a non-traditional name, and that is there are no other female wedding planners named Jacin, nor are there any named Jacin Fitzgerald. There may be a few men name Jason Fitzgerald, but I was fairly certain I would be the only gal with this name :) With that said, I decided to rebrand to create more of a personal brand and work on standing out in this busy industry."

Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture

  1. What advice do you have for brides who are just beginning the wedding planning process? "Take a step back and prioritize - what's most important to you? Keep this in mind when planning your budget and allow the other items to fall around it. Also, keep in mind this is ONE DAY that will kickoff the rest of your marriage. Don't get so caught up in the details that you lose focus of what this celebration is truly all about - your marriage and stepping in to your new life together."

  2. What should brides keep in mind when looking to hire a wedding planner? "Go with your gut! Do you get along? Do they have a portfolio of work besides styled shoots? Is this someone you want to speak with once (or several times) a week for the next year? Besides their work, do they seem organized and on top of it? So many questions to ask yourself but honestly, if you go with your gut, you can't go wrong."

Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture

  1. What is the best way for a bride to communicate her vision to her wedding planner? "Pinterest is helpful of course but once your design has been determined, stop looking :) Pinterest is amazing but it can not only be overwhelming, but also make you second guess some of the details and ideas you've been dreaming of. I actually use pinterest not so much to look at the bride's wedding boards, but her fashion boards, her home boards... Those will truly reveal someone's style and tell their story vs. someone else's wedding photos."

  2. How often would you recommend the bride check in with her wedding planner up until the wedding? Once a week? A few times a month? "In my initial consultation / kickoff meeting, I ask how often my clients want to connect. I recommend once a week in the beginning phases, once a month during the "lull" once the big items have been checked off, and once a week again about a month before the big day. But honestly, it depends on personal style and how often you want to connect. We don't force meetings if they're not needed, the whole point of having a planner is to streamline the process and reduce meetings anyways!"

Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture

  1. What was the most difficult obstacle you have faced when planning a wedding? How did you solve the problem? "I had a 6.1 earthquake just days before the wedding last summer in Napa Valley. Did I mention it was Labor Day Weekend? So not only did we have to find new hotels for all the guests, and a new rehearsal dinner space for 130 people, we also had to secure backup generators for the venue (a private estate) and put our plans C, D, and E in some cases, to work. I think the thing that most of my clients will say about me is that I am extremely laid back (my team will agree) and it takes a lot to rattle me (even an earthquake). The most important thing I can do is remain calm even on the craziest of days, or when the unexpected things occur, to take care of the situation and make my clients (and their guests) feel at ease. If your planner is running around like a lunatic, or nervous - that energy is contagious to not only you, but your guests too. By staying calm, I set the tone for the rest of the vendors and everyone on site. Unexpected things always happen no matter how prepared we are, but it's all about how we react to keep things moving smoothly, even with a bump here or there."

  2. What would you recommend should be planned first when it comes to a bride planning her wedding? Is it true that booking your venue first is the most important part of the process? "Figure out where your ceremony is taking place - that's what the entire wedding is centered around. Church? Get a date, THEN book your venue. If you book your venue before your church, you can't guarantee your date will be available and don't want to be liable for deposits until you are 100% sure. It all goes back to question #4, too. What's your priority? Make sure that item is available in tandem with your church or venue. The rest of the items will be checked off afterwards."

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All photos provided by Jacin Fitzgerald Events.

Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture Jacin Fitzgerald Events - Amare Couture